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Dominican Republic: Postcard diary that will inspire you to visit

True definition of Paradise

Dominican Republic beach postcard

Dominican Republic is one of the places where we don’t mind splurging on a nice all inclusive resort. This is the place where you can be wowed everyday; even by just staring at the dreamy turquoise water while sipping on a fresh coconut under the palm trees and doing absolutely nothing. It is a place to truly experience the meaning of tropical paradise.

Living in the mountains of Colorado for the past 11 years, made our travels mostly concentrated in search of the next exquisite beach destination. As soon as the winter ends, white and pale as snow, we would pack the beach gear and go chase the sun. We have been pretty fortunate to see some of the most beautiful beaches around the world. So when it comes to that we are a bit spoiled and our standards are pretty high, but Dominican Republic didn’t disappoint us at all.

Our first visit was in the spring of 2011. Back then we had no idea that 4 years later we would come back to get married there. So yes, in November 2015 we had our dream wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. But don’t worry we won’t be talking about that now.

You all have heard about the most famous beach there, Punta Cana. There’s a reason why it’s been ranked numerous times in the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world for decades. Although it’s mostly busy with many vacationers, it’s hard to deny the beauty and the vibe. What makes it such a desirable destination it is not just the pristine beaches, crystal water and palm trees, but also some of the world class all inclusive resorts. By far our most favorite and highly recommend resort is Paradisus Palma Real and The Reserve at Paradisus Palma Real which we think all of our 50 wedding guest would agree.


Photo credit by Paradisus Palma Real

No matter if you are on a romanic vacation, family with kids or a party group of friends, there is always plenty to do and you won’t get bored. Scuba diving, day out on a yacht, sailing, relaxing at the spa, golfing, parting or just enjoying the beach, you will have the best time, we promise. At least we always do.

But here’s the best part, Dominican Republic is much more than just Punta Cana and the luxurious resorts. Once you leave your hotel, you will be amazed to discover what else there is to see and do.



Before we let you enjoy our postcards, here are few things to know before you go:

1. All Inclusive in Dominican Republic is fun and worth it.

2. Bring some cash. You will need $10 visitor fee upon arrival at the airport. Also, we know everything is included but tipping your favorite employee at the resort goes along way.

3. Pre book and organize your transportation from the airport to the hotel. Most places offer a complimentary pick up but if not, taxi might be pricy.

4. You can use US $

5. Keep in mind there will be other tourist and depending on the season it might be crowded. It’s not a secluded destination, but you can find your own paradise.

6. Forget the weather report. Sun will always shine even after a cloudy storm, after all you are in the Caribbean.

7. Take a trip to Isla Saona. It’s a national park and the area is completely protected from development, absolutely gorgeous.

8. The most important thing is leave your worries behind, have fun and enjoy your time.

Now, you can enjoy our photo gallery!

We hope you enjoyed it and we inspired you to want to go there or anywhere else your heart desires. Lastly, the truth is no matter where you go, as long as you bring the love in your heart you will fell it’s paradise.

Oh, and don’t forget to break some moves.



Xoxo, M&J


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