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9 reasons why you should rent from Iceland Camping Equipment

Everything you will need for your ultimate Iceland road trip!

We don’t know a person who doesn’t have Iceland on their bucket list, but if there is, they don’t know what they are missing. If you are one of these lucky people planning a camping or a road trip in Iceland, you should look no further than Iceland Camping Equipment.


You have many options when it comes to planning your trip to Iceland. Although this volcanic island is relatively small, there is so much untouched beauty that a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to explore. As fun and exciting planning is, it can also be a very overwhelming thing, as there are countless of things to see and do. If tent camping isn’t your thing, don’t worry, Iceland Camping Equipment has it all. They have plenty of other essentials that you will need for your visit.


Personally we didn’t camp because we were visiting in April, which is still a winter month. We took advantage of their portable hotspot wifi 4G device. Wow, we can’t tell you enough how much this pocket machine made our trip easier and convenient. I don’t know how we were traveling before without one of these devices. Surely, all you lovely followers enjoyed our daily live feeds on our social media from all the sights.

9 reasons Why You should rent from Iceland Camping Equipment!


1. You don’t just have to camp to rent from them: Although the name is Iceland Camping Equipment, they have a variety of useful products for everyone and every type of road trip. We personally rented one of their wifi hotspot devices and it worked like magic. Honestly, we had unlimited 4G data anywhere, on the road in the car, on top of waterfalls, on the beaches, literally everywhere. It worked better than the wifi in some of the places we stayed. We had it charging in the car while we were driving so we always had a full battery.

2. It’s located in a convenient and easy location: Right in the center of Reykjavik, it doesn’t get any better than that. Odds are you can walk from the place you are staying at.

3. Immaculate service: From the moment we contacted them until the end, we’ve only experienced professional customer service. They offered quick and helpful responses to all of our questions, and were such a pleasure to work with.

4. Save on extra luggage fees: Nobody likes paying extra fees for luggage, especially if you are traveling on a budget. It’s great that you can find awesome cheap deals on airfares but most of them are with WOW Air, which charges you for every piece of luggage you have. A checked bag is $70, carry on $50, so keep that in mind when you see that $129 non stop flight from LAX, you will have to pay extra for your bags. The only thing free is your personal item. So why stress about extra luggage when you can save and rent everything you will need.

5. High quality gear at affordable prices: They have the largest selection of gear with very affordable and fair prices.  

6. Very helpful and a friendly owner: Delphine and Cedric, the owners have been more than amazing. They will help you in any way possible for your upcoming trip with their friendly and professional advice.

7. Every essential you will need for your trip: Tents, sleeping bags, mats, gas stoves, cooking sets, coolers, maps, GPS, Wifi hotspot, phone etc, just to name a few. Check their website to see the full list of products.

8. You rent everything online: Nowadays its so easy buying, renting, and planning everything online. Iceland Camping Equipment rental process is easy and convenient for you as possible. You can select whatever you will need and pay online, then just pick it up from their office. 

9. Easy pick up and return system 24/7: If you arrive outside of their regular business hours, they have a storage room set up with a lock box. You will be given a code via email in advance with the lock combination. Once in the room, you will find everything you have rented neatly organized with your name and instructions. It’s that easy. On your last day simply drop everything off the way you picked it up.


*Disclaimer: Although we were sponsored by Iceland Camping Equipment for our road trip in Iceland, all the opinions and views presented here are entirely honest and our own.


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