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Queens Bath

Beautiful and also dangerous place, so please use cautious when visiting


Queens Bath is unique tide pool in Princeville formed by an ancient lava flow and it’s a favorite summer attraction for every tourist. Only a short ( some may find it steep ) hike down would lead you to this natural landscape with turquoise crystal clear water. We have been pretty lucky to see numerous turtles swimming around the rocks.

Although it’s magnificent place it’s also known with it’s quickly changing moods. Be very careful and respect the mother nature and the ocean. Try to avoid visiting this spot between the months of October through April when the coast is exposed to very big surf. Most of the incidents happens then, when high waves sweep over the rocks, and unaware people get knocked into the churning waters.




Despite it sounds scary, it’s just comment sense to be cautious and to keep in mind that we are not invincible. You can definitely enjoy it in the summer when the surf is lower. Then the waves barely washes over the rocks to refill the pool, and there’s swimming and jumping in the pool, like we did. A good tip is always to check the swell report in the morning and if the waves are smaller then 4ft is usually safer.




One of the most picturesque places in Kauai






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