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Hawaii: Why you must visit at least once in your life

ALOHA to you all!

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Most of you probably know the word “aloha” as the way of greeting or saying goodbye to someone. But aloha means much more than that, it’s a way of life. Some of its meanings, but not all are: love, affection, peace, kindness, compassion. These are all important qualities that inspired our lives and believes. So let the “Aloha Spirit” be more present in your daily lifestyle.



If there’s one place in the world that everyone must visit in their lives, that’s the tropical heaven Hawaii.

We know you might say “what a cliche” but seriously, picture this: Perfect weather 80 degrees mostly year-round, mind-blowing white or black sand beaches for miles, magnificent sunsets every night, palm trees, green lush and tropical jungles ( no snakes ). Breathtaking waterfalls, astonishing hikes, adventure activities, world-class waves, great food, laid-back lifestyle and we can keep on going, but we think you got the idea. So yes, definitely add it to your bucket list because Hawaii has it all and for all.



After being to almost 40 countries, we can still say that Hawaii is one of our favorite tropical destination and it holds a very special part in our hearts. It’s the first place we’ve traveled together as a couple and with it’s never ending beauty makes us go back numerous times. Trust us, we are fascinated by it’s magic every time we go.

Planning a trip to Hawaii can be fun, exciting and at the same time overwhelming. So let us help you with by sharing our favorite things to do and places to see.

If we have to pick one of the islands that it’s favorite to us, that would be Kauai, no offense to the rest.


If we haven’t convinced you yet, Here are our top 11 reasons why you should visit Hawaii.

1. Mind-Blowing Beaches


  • White sand or black sand, waves crashing on shore or peaceful crystal clear water, palm trees or volcanic rocks, Hawaii has the most diverse beaches that would leave you speechless.

2. Spectacular Sunsets


  • Words that can’t describe, colors that you haven’t seen, magic that you haven’t felt, that are the sunsets in Hawaii.

3. Perfect Weather


  • Hawaii has the most perfect weather year-round, the temperatures stay mostly in the 80’s and even though it rains, you can still find sunshine in different parts of the island. You just have to hop in the rental car and go chase the sun and enjoy the rainbows, waterfalls and the beauty around you. The breeze from the trade winds would always cool you down and keep you from sweating under the sun. You can’t ask for more perfect weather.

 4. Romantic Getaway


  • Let’s face it, we all have the romance in our hearts, that feeling of love and emotional excitement that makes our day better. There is no better place to let all those feeling inside of you fly free to breathe every second of it and share it with your loved one. Whether is for wedding, honeymoon, vow renewal or just a vacation, Hawaii is the romantic getaway for any couple.

5. Family Fun


  • Hawaii is perfect for traveling with kids, very safe and plenty of things to do. Snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, surf lessons, helicopter tours, cultural shows, just to name few. Kids would love it and would talk about it for months.

6. Incredible Hikes


  • Haven on Earth for hikers! Put your hiking shoes ( or try it bare feet like Mikey does ), turn your adventures spirit and go explore. Be ready to be WOWed. From easy never hiked before, to expert adrenaline hikers you will find your perfect spot. Like we said, Hawaii has it all and for all.

7. Delicious Food


  • Since we are both vegan, we are in heaven of tropical fruits and fresh veggies. Oh Papayas, our most favorite one. But don’t worry, for the rest of you there’s plenty to enjoy, from the fresh seafood, Hawaiian poke is a must, and many Polynesian and Asian influenced flavors.

8. Adventure Activities


  • For all the adrenaline seekers there’s plenty to do: world-class surfing, kitesurfing, skydiving, scuba diving, zip lines, mountain bikes and much more. Mikey’s favorite one of course surfing.

9. Shopping

For those of you shopping addicts, don’t worry. As we said, Hawaii has it all. From the small local boutiques, art shops, farmers markets to the premium outlets at the Ala Moana Center.

10. Laid Back Lifestyle


  • Like Mikey likes to say: “To bless to be stressed“. Leave your worries behind, there’s no space in the luggage for them anyways and enjoy the freedom, enjoy your life to the fullest, be happy.
October 6, 2016


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