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Maui: The Best Things To Do

"Maui no ka 'oi"

Have you heard that expression before? It means “Maui is the best”. Although Kauai has the most special places in our hearts, we can’t argue that.


When we said Hawaii has it all, we can add this to Maui has it all – The best of The best. Not only because of it’s pristine beaches with all colors of sand, it’s scenic drives, Haleakala National Park and sacred Iao Valley. But also because of the migrating humpback whales, unforgettable sunsets, world-class waves and much more.

We went there in 2008 and we couldn’t track down many of our photos but we still carry all of the wonderful memories in our hearts from this paradise island.



We tried to narrow it down to our Top 10 must-see places in Maui. Enjoy it.


1.The Breathtaking Road to Hana

Wake up early to beat the crowd, pack up snacks for the road, grab your best mood and Aloha in your heart. Put a big smile on your face, tune your rental car with some Hawaiian music and let’s go.

There’s a reason why it’s named one of the most beautiful drives and you are about to find out. But safety first. Make sure you drive slowly and pay attention to the signs, the road is very windy and might be slick from a recent rain sometimes. Although it’s only 52 miles, don’t be fooled. It takes more time than you think especially with its sharp curves, one lane bridges, blind spots and 25mph speed limit. So take your time and enjoy the ride. You are about to see numerous waterfalls and don’t miss Keanae Point, Ke’anae Peninsula.



2. Wai’anapanapa State Park

One of the many magical spots in Maui. This one is more sacred because of the legend about the Queen that once visited this place. If you can, stay and camp the night there you won’t regret. One of our favorite beaches there is Pa’iloa Beach or Black sand beach. Make sure you take a dip in the legendary freshwater caves and take a photo with the natural sea arches. You will be blown away.

3. Sunrise at the top of Haleakala

If you want an unforgettable sunrise experience in your life, watch one above the clouds at the top of Haleakala. We highly recommend it and you should add it to your bucket list. There’s an entrance fee per car but totally worth it. You should know that it’s 10,000 feet above sea level. It will be cold and most likely windy so make sure you’re bundled up. If you don’t have space in your luggage just grab towels and blankets from your hotel room or rental place to wrap yourself. But don’t let the cold change your mind, you will love every moment of it.

4. Hookipa Beach

Located at Mile #9 on Hana Highway,  Hookipa is the Mecca for every surfer. But not only, with it’s beautiful white sands this beach is a great place to visit.

5. Iao Valley State Park

The best place to enjoy the tropical lush of Hawaii.

6. Humpback Whale Watching

One of Maui’s most popular activities. The best season for that is from November until March



7. Big Beach

Also, knows as Big Makena Beach or Oneloa Beach is located in South Maui. Extraordinary undeveloped, long stretch of white sand beach. Absolutely a must visit. Spend the afternoon there so you can see another gorgeous sunset.

8. Snorkeling or diving trip to Molokini Island

Molokini is small crescent-shaped volcanic atoll located just a few miles off Maui’s rugged Makena coast. This protected crater is home to over 250 distinct marine species and it’s a perfect place for those who are seeking a unique snorkeling or diving experience.

9. Surfing, Kiteboarding or Windsurfing

Maui is your perfect spot to rush your adrenaline and enjoy those sports.





10. Sunset Dinner Cruise

For the romantic souls experience the breathtaking beauty of Maui’s sunset with the ones you love.





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