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The Best places to see sunset in Kauai

Sunsets, the endings of the new beginning...

sunset10look at these smiles… back in 2009

If you don’t know or can’t tell yet, we LOVE Sunsets.

We believe sunsets are special time of the day and we like to say thank you for it. Sometimes we take the little things for granted but it’s important to take a moment, stare at the horizon while the sun goes down and feel it’s magic. Fill your hearts with love, be thankful for this instant and everything that it leads to.




Like Mikey likes to say: ” No Sunsets are the same, this one will be a great one ” By saying goodbye to the Sun, we do welcome a new, exciting beginning and we look forward to a new day.



Our ultimate Sunset spot in Kauai is by far the view from the top of Princeville. Maybe it’s just a tradition that we have but, we love this spot. You have the stunning views of the mountain and the ocean connecting…..






Honestly, anywhere on the island that you can see the sunset it will be beautiful. We have seen some breathtaking ones in Polihale, Hanaley Bay, Poipu and more. The point is, take a time and make sure to stop for 5-10 min at least to enjoy this special time of the day and feel its magic.





November 7, 2016


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