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Welcome to Our One Love Our Love Blog

Welcome to One Love Our Love blog! We are so happy to share this with you.


Hi There,welcome to our world and thank you for reading.

Who are we

We are Mikey & Jana, the happy faces behind One Love Our Love. Also, let’s not forget Ke’e – our himalayan princess cat. In the past 9 years we’ve traveled together to 40 countries and we’d love to share our adventures with you. We love each other and the life we live.


Let us Inspire you

“The world is a book and those who do not TRAVEL read only one page”

We both got infected from the travel bug for life and we’ve been happily sick since then. Traveling is our fuel of happiness, our passion and love. Hoping to put a big smile on your face, inspire you to follow your heart and travel the world. We dare you to dream big  and do all things with Love.



About the Blog

After years of traveling together, we finally decided to start our blog. About time, right? Well, better later than never.

We’ve always loved taking lots of photos on our trips, without knowing that one day we can actually share it with the world. For the past five months we’ve worked hard to put this blog together by going back in time and remembering old memories. We are not even half way through all the amazing places we’ve been, there so many more exciting ones to come. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to not miss out.

The intentions of this blog is to share our love of travel as well as our love of life and each others. Wishing to spark your desire to see the world and help plan your next adventure. Life is too short and not meant to be spent in one place.



Traveling as a couple

Traveling together has been the best part of our life journey. We got married an year ago and we’ve been together for 9 years now. You get to know each other better while you are on the road, you either grow stronger or grow apart.  We are the happiest when we are on the road together.

Follow our adventures to find out our secret for staying happily in love and enjoying life to the fullest.




Travel More, Smile More, Love More.

Life is a beautiful journey. Enjoy it.


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