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Costa Rica



There! Welcome to our world and thank you for reading.

We are Mikey & Jana, and of course, let’s not forget our himalayan princess cat Ke’e. We are two vegan gypsy souls that enjoy spreading love while traveling the world together. We are nomads in our hearts and true kids of the universe. We love each other and the life we live, that’s why we would like to share it with you. After getting infected from the travel bug for life, we’ve been happily sick ever since.

We hope to put a big smile on your face, inspire you to follow your heart, dream big and to LOVE more.



mj-snowVail, Colorado

Our Story

Click HERE to read the full story of how we met.

Our free spirits, one from Bulgaria, one from Atlanta, GA met in 2005 in the snowy fairytale land of Vail, Colorado. We lived there for the past 12 years falling in love with each other and snowboarding. While enjoying the beautiful mountain lifestyle, we traveled the world 3-4 months of each year.

Traveling became our lifestyle, fuel for life, passion, and happiness for the mind and soul.


sunset-kissSantorini, Greece 

Being from two different parts of the world, met in Colorado, got engaged in Morocco, married in Dominican Republic, we can say our home is wherever we are together. Until April 2016, our base was in Vail, which allowed us to have the freedom to travel quite a lot because we had seasonal jobs.

After all these years, we finally decided to make a complete change and move to the beach. Following and supporting each others passions: surfing year round ( Mikey’s ), living by the beach and growing her jewelry business ( Jana’s: ), we left the mountains and moved to the sunny beaches of California.



mj-bali-bikeLombok, Indonesia

So here we are for now, living a new life in California. Trying to stay humble and escape the rat race that is going on around us. We are still traveling as much as we can, (dreaming to make it a full time lifestyle), enjoying life together and planning our next adventure.


telluride-sunsetTelluride, Colorado


Our Goal

Our main goal is to stay positive, happy and loving in today’s crazy world that we live in. To keep the kid in our hearts, to not get caught and stuck into the 9 -5 life we don’t like.

As we are dedicated vegans for over 10years now,  we are very passioned about sustainability and low impact to the environment while traveling the world. We’d like to inspire you to make the right choices and spread awareness about eco-friendly tourism.

Lastly but not least, to live outside of the limits, mainly in the moment, because life is too short and must be lived now. Our motto is: to always LOVE unconditionally.



vancouver1Vancouver, Canada


We would love for you to believe that you can travel the world and a happy life filled with love can exist. It’s ok to take a risk and follow your heart. It’s ok to take that dream vacation of yours and say “yes” to new adventures in your life. Because traveling will open your heart in a way that you wouldn’t even imagine.


wedWedding day 11.14.15 Dominican Republic

Let’s go see the world.

In One Love Our Love we’d love to share with you our travels around the globe with exciting destinations, happily married lifestyle, adventures, stories, and ideas to help you travel.

We have been together to 47 countries and counting. So hopefully we can inspire you all to live the life you love, travel more, dare you to dream big and enjoy every moment to the fullest.



Some fun facts about us!

Jana about Mikey:

“If you think in your life you know or you have met the nicest, happiest, the most positive person in the world…You are wrong! I am telling you, until you meet my husband, you are wrong.  First of all, he is the sunshine not only in my life but in everyones life that knows him.

Further more, he has the biggest heart that you can imagine. I still don’t know how, but he has a permanent smile on his face and he’s always, always positive no matter what. He never yells, never raises his voice or fights with me, it’s unbelievable. He is my strength in life and my biggest support. I can’t say enough good things about him.

Ok ok, I know what you are thinking…he can’t be that perfect and he’s not, no one is. After all, he is still human ( man on top of that ). If you want to know, he loves putting his dirty clothes on the floor and leaves drawers, cabinets and many other things open ( which use to drive me crazy ). But hey all that and other is nothing comparing to the good soul he is. At the end that’s all it matters and that’s why I love him infinity.

By the way, I have to add, that he loves loves chips and salsa. It’s crazy ( it’s like there’s salsa instead of blood running in his veins ). Most of all, he really loves to surf, workout, run, being in the nature, helping others, and of course sunsets.”

Mikey about Jana:

Jana or “Kote” ( like I call her ) is deeply amazing and I am lucky enough to be sharing my life with her. She is the most caring, loyal person I have ever known. A women who has had my back and will always. Anything she puts her mind to, she masters it.

She is so determined that would give anything to make it happen. She makes a huge impression and ignites a room when she opens up to you. In addition to all that she is a phenomenal  traveling partner, cook, surf coach, snowboarding companion, organizer, wife, and best friend.

Finally her love and devotion keeps the fire burning inside me to be the best I can be so I can always strive for more. I’m not sure where I would be without her and I don’t ever want to know. She is the best!


About Ke’e:

Ke’e is our Himalayan princess ( named after Ke’e beach in Kauai ), very affectionate, super sweet and loving cat. She sleeps with us every night and gives us kisses in the morning. She loves playing soccer with a paper ball. No, she is not a vegan like we are however, she loves our smoothies.



Ke’e about Mikey & Jana:

“First of all, I love them tons but I hate every time when they leave me for travels. While I miss them a lot, I became the toughest kitty but I know that they always come back for me. Meow..”

This is our life, One Love Our Love.

xoxo M&J


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