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Jaipur, India: Exploring Forts and the Pink City

With fascinating forts and beautiful lakes the capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is a place not to miss

Coming to India you can’t skip a visit to the most vibrant city, Jaipur. Filled with raw natural beauty and majestic architecture, Jaipur is one of the major tourist destinations. This iconic landmark of Rajasthan is the third point of the Golden Triangle after Delhi and Agra. Let yourself be wowed and inspired by the colors of the city full of royal history and beautiful heritage monuments.

Dive into the chaotic old streets with buzzing rickshaws, cows and camels walking around and let your adventurous heart explore the best of it.


The Top 3 places to not miss in Jaipur

There’s so much to see in Jaipur, but if your time is limited you should at least consider our top 3 recommendations.

1. The first one, of course is one of the most photographed and famous place, the iconic of Jaipur the Hawa Mahal or the Palace of Winds. One of the main reasons it’s called the pink city. It was painted all pink to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1876 and it’s the most popular architecture located in the center of the city.


Hawa Mahal

Jaipur was our third stop in India and by then we were already feeling much more used to and more comfortable than when we first arrived.


The views from the train stations



Our crazy city tour

If you have the time spend at least 3 days exploring the city and the surroundings. We had the luxury to experience an unplanned tour through some of the roughest neighborhoods in Jaipur. Our rickshaw driver ( who didn’t speak much english ) decided that it would be cool for us to see the not so beautiful side of town without even telling us. It made our heartbeats raise up especially when he stopped, run away and left us alone in the middle of a sketchy alley. Turned out that he just needed to stop by at his house and change the rickshaw. We had to see some devastating views of the living conditions but made it an unforgettable trip.


After all that we were glad to be back at the hotel safe and ready for some majestic forts and royal history.

2. Our second recommendation is the Jal Mahal or Water Palace located in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. You can’t enter inside but it’s a fascinating monument to see during the day or night time when it’s lit up with colorful lights.


Jal Mahal

3. The last but not least is Amber Fort, probably our favorite of all. Located in unexpectedly beautiful hills only about 11-12 km from the centre of Jaipur, Amber Fort is a sprawling palace complex with undeniable charm and charisma.


Upon arriving at the fort, you will have the option to take a elephant ride to the top. We did so, without thinking or knowing how they were treated, and we felt bad about our choice. Being animal lovers we have mixed feelings about the whole experience. The path is quite steep for the animals with uneven cobblestones. While struggling to the top they are being poked with a sharp metal stick behind their ears to the point of bleeding. After seeing that we chose to walk down on our way back.

Please consider this before you decide to take the elephant ride, it is much more rewarding to hike rather than to cause any potential suffering to the animals.

Once you get to the top you will be humbled by the magnificent views. Take your time, don’t rush, admire the surrounding scenery.



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