How To Have A Healthy And Happy Vegan Pregnancy

With guidance from this experienced vegan mom, you’ll discover that proper nutrition and a thriving pregnancy are 100% possible—for both vegans and non-vegans alike!

Attention: Are you pregnant and interested in pursuing a vegan lifestyle, but have concerns about whether it’s safe?

I've Uncovered A

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I will give you the exact guidance I used to have a healthy and nutritious vegan pregnancy

Hi, I am Jana

I am a vegan mom, raising a little vegan human, my son Zion.

I am passionate about healthy living and traveling. I was born and raised in Bulgaria but live in California with my husband and son.

I could proudly say that I have a lot of knowledge to offer from my own pregnancy and my 18 years of life experience as a vegan, including tips I wish I knew starting out as a new vegan mom.

I am empowered by my experience, and now I love to devote much of my life to helping other moms have the same beautifully healthy lifestyle and pregnancy that I had.

My pregnancy and birthing experience motivated me to write this book.

People always asked me if I stayed vegan during my pregnancy and how I did it, if I’m raising my kid vegan, etc.

For me, there was no other way. Being vegan is not something new and recent for me, it’s my lifestyle, my beliefs.

I’ve been vegan for 18 years and I’ve learned so much throughout these years.

I want to help you believe this is possible and healthy, to build your knowledge, and confidence so you know how to do it right, to empower you, and see you thriving through this magnificent journey.

Not only that, I will share everything about:

Most of this I knew during my pregnancy, but there are some things I wish I knew and I am making sure you have it all.

If you are pregnant and having your first vegan or not vegan pregnancy, congrats, you are creating life and I am here to help you prepare to do it safely, happy, and healthy. It’s a 9-month marathon, so let’s get started.

How to Have a Healthy and Happy

Vegan Pregnancy will…


Are you pregnant and interested in pursuing a vegan lifestyle, but have concerns about whether it’s safe?

Do you want to make healthy lifestyle changes for your pregnancy, but don’t know where to begin?

Are you planing to get pregnant and want to do it the healthiest and safe way?

Has judgment about the vegan lifestyle from others hindered you from learning more or giving it a try?

Though written through the lens of Jana’s own personal vegan experience, How to Have a Healthy and Happy Vegan Pregnancy was created to inspire women in many walks of life.

Whether you’re pregnant or preparing for an upcoming pregnancy, vegan or simply looking to make the healthiest choices for you and your baby, this eBook is a great resource for all women looking for guidance about pregnancy

What you'll learn...

"I've been on a predominately plant-based diet for over 5 years and I just gave birth to my first child. Jana's book inspired me to maintain a balanced vegan diet throughout my pregnancy and I feel great about that decision. I now have a healthy ( and quite chunky ) 1 month old"


"I have always lived a really healthy lifestyle and been vegetarian most of my life. While pregnant with my first child I knew I wanted to live the most healthy pregnancy and make sure to get all the nutrients for my baby but still maintain a vegetarian diet. With my second I wanted nothing but the same and when I came across this wonderful book I discovered so many new helpful tips to maintain a healthy pregnancy while eating a vegetarian diet and doing the best I can for my body and my babies"