One Love Our Love

How we met in Colorado

Our snowy love story

2Vail, CO. Look at these young faces.

Don’t worry we will keep it short. After all, it only matters the present moment and that we still love each other as like we just met.

Here’s our story…

After graduating University in Bulgaria in 2005, Jana wanted to follow her passion for snowboarding and as she says “didn’t want to start career and real life yet”. That led her to the decision of going to Vail, Colorado for just one winter season (or at least that’s what she though).



Jana got a job at the ski/snowboard rental shop in the same building where I happened to be working as a snowboard instructor.

“It was hard to not notice Mikey right away with his bright pink beanie and super blond hair. He would come everyday to the shop to wax his board, even when he didn’t need to. I would have butterflies in my stomach every time I saw him with his charming smile on his face. It didn’t take too long before he asked me to go snowboard with him”.

That’s how it all started, with sharing the same passion for snowboarding and ridding together.



We became best friends and fell in love with each other so big right away. But like every love story it wasn’t that simple. I had a girlfriend and Jana had a boyfriend at that time.

To spare you the details and try to keep the long story short, Jana went back to Bulgaria for the summer, her boyfriend (thankfully ended their relationship, which lead to her not want to have another one). In the meantime, I broke up with my girlfriend as well and went to Costa Rica for the summer. We both kept in touch through the whole time, missing one other and wishing we could be together.

Jana came back to Vail in November 2006, free and single but afraid to date again. We tried to stay “friends with benefits” for a while but our hearts wanted more than that. Finally we both gave in and our love exploded.





In the beginning.

It’s been 9 wonderful years since then and we haven’t been apart for more that few days at the time. What keeps our love going is the support and understanding for each other, trust and respect as well as sharing the same passions and believes in life. We like to lift and encourage ourselves to always be better and fill our hearts with only positive feeling. Love brings the deepest meaning to our lives and by sharing the same aspiration we became one. One Love, Our Love.


bowApril, 2008


How we travel so much?

As much as we love the winters and snowboarding, we would always look forward for the off seasons. That was the time when we moved out and put everything in storage, packed our backpacks and off on another adventure to see the world. Working seasonal jobs allowed us to travel 2 months in the spring and 2 months in the fall, not bad at all.




The more we traveled, the more we loved it. One of the best parts of it is the feeling a freedom, being our true selves and meeting so many like minded people along the way. Some of our best friends we’ve met in our travels across the globe.

While you are on the road, you realize how little you need to live a happy live.




With love, M&J

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