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El Salvador: The best things to do in El Tunco

El Tunco - The surfers and backpackers paradise.

El Tunco in El Salvador

Somehow El Salvador wasn’t on our radar for a must see place; as many other travelers we always bypass it. Knowing that there is a great surfing, being cheap and beaches to chill, we gave it a try.

El Tunco was the only place we visited on our week trip in the fall of 2014. Despite it’s reputation of being a dangerous country we felt very safe. It’s a two street town and there’s always tourists ( mostly backpackers and surfers ) around day and night. People are extremely friendly and nice, everything is in US$, and we agreed it’s a place you don’t want to miss.

The main things to do when you come to El Tunco are surf, relax, meet other travelers and eat pupusas (the BEST local food).


One of the two main streets in El Tunco

We were quite surprise of the good food options we found for vegans. There’s juice/smoothie places, lots of local tropical fruits, veggies, there’s a great falafel places next to Arigato Sushi, Soya, which had nice salads and other organic goodies, as well as Take a Wok for a custom stir-fry asian style dish where you choose your own noodles or rices, protein, and veggie add-ins. And of course our most favorite food, the local pupusas, literally we could eat this every meal.


One of the local pupusas place

One of our favorite Pupusas place was Fafys Place, you have to try their food. It cost us 50 cents for a vegan pupusas with beans and rice, it’s the best street food. Freshly made corn tortillas stuffed with whatever you want: cheese, beans, meat, and/or vegetables. Top them with tomato sauce, cabage and a spicy jalapeño slaw. For the seafood lovers, we heard they have the best ceviche you would ever have.


We stayed at Roca Sunzal for few reasons. One – it’s right in front of the surf breaks, two – their pool is great to chill when there’s no waves and the beach is rocky so not ideal for laying down and three – great room, nice and clean, location, air conditioned and Wi Fi, of course. Well, that was more than three.


For the surf lovers and wanna be surfer, El Tunco is the ideal place to be. If you are beginner or have never surfed before, it’s a great place to lear. If you are an experience surfer you can get some of the greatest waves there.

El Sunzal – the famous right point break, La Bocana – fast wave for advanced surfers and it works good most days of the year or La Bocanita – a  beach break on the left side of the famous “El Tunco” rock. And of course Punta Roca – the most famous  world-class wave.



One of Jana’s favorite thing in El Tunco, besides the pupusas, was walking down the beach ( when is low tide, if not it’s challenging because of the rocks ) right before sunset and watch me surf. You can either hang on the beach or head over to Monkey La La for a drink, where you must watch the magical sunset and enjoy your life.


If you have more time to kill, and you are tiered of eating great food, relaxing, or surfing we highly suggest to book a trip to Antigua, Guatemala for few days. We did that and we loved every moment of it. You can book a shuttle from manny places in town, as we did our from Surfos.

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